Oswego, NY. Native Wallace back with Stamp

    Oswego, NY. Native Josh Wallace will enter into his third season with the Stampede with hopes of turning a few NCAA heads.  Wallace, the 1997 birth-year 5'8" 180lb forward will enter his third season with the Stampede with the hopes of having a break-out season. "Josh is a great kid that works hard and wants to succeed. He struggled a bit offensively last season but has been working hard on that part of his game and it should pay off for him this season."  stated coach Mike Beavis   Beavis also stated that Wallace is a good two way forward that never gives up on the play.

    "I have known Josh for quite a few years as Coach Heenan (Utica College) and I have worked with Josh since he was very young and have watched him develop over that past several seasons." added Beavis.  The Stampede will look to Wallace's experience this season with the Stampede to help other players adjust to the program and the junior level of play.

    "Wallace is a great kid that works hard and it will be great having him back with us this season". added assitant coach Jason Lefevre

    The Stampede are gearing up for training camp that is about a month away and are excited about getting things rolling for the 2016-2017 season in the NA3HL.  "Guy's are calling and asking if we can get going earlier than the 29th which is a very positive sign.  We have several players moving into the area for the season and it seems that they all want to be here today.  I think it will be a great group of guy's this season and they will all be ready to go at the start of camp in August."  stated assistant coach Kyle Althen.