Stampede Apparel Sale Going on Now!

The Oswego Stampede is running an Apparel sale now during all remaining home games. This sale is to help offset additional costs to this seasons program. The Stampede will have this seasons Game Jerseys (Limited supply) available for purchase at $125 each and last seasons jerseys available at just $75 each. This season the Stampede wore the Blue/White and last season wore the Red/White and Red/White/Black. Last seasons game jerseys are available in both Home and Away and we do have some that are numbered. This seasons jerseys are available in Home only as we have limited quantities available. (All current season jerseys are numbered). Stampede jerseys will be available at the remaining six home games and will also be available to be autographed by your favorite player or the entire team if you so choose.

Remaining T-shirts and hats will also be available during home games with limited sizes and quantities still available in the T’s.

Please support the Stampede with your purchase beginning next Tuesday at 7 PM when the Stampede face-off against the Niagara Power-hawks at “The Fort” in Oswego, NY.