Stampede Sign Gallo

The Oswego Stampede have signed free agent Giuseppe “Joey” Gallo. Gallo, the 5’11” 175lb forward from Parma, OH will join the club after the holiday break. Gallo missed most of the first half of the season with injury but will be back to full duty after the 1st of the year. “Coach Althen spent the better part of the past couple days working out the details needed to bring Gallo into the program.” states Stampede Head Coach Mike Beavis.

Gallo will be the third Ohio native to join the Stampede this season along with goaltender Ben White and forward Tommy Kilway. “The guys from Ohio have been very good for us this season both on and off the ice. They work hard and are great kids.” States Stampede Coach Kyle Althen. The Stampede feel that Gallo will follow suit and add some depth at forward for the second half of the season and will be a welcome addition to the program.

The Stamp will head to Binghamton this weekend to take on the first place Sens on Friday at 8 PM and again on Sunday at 12:30 PM. Both games will be live on