Stampede Welcome Back Christou


 Demitris Christou of Skaneateles, NY.  will once again be in uniform for the Stampede.  Christou the 99 birth year player saw time with the Stampede last season and showed the staff that he was very interested in making a move in the right direction for development.  "Demitris has decent size for a 16 year old, at 6' 180 lbs he is a solid kid with great potential. " Stated Coach Beavis. "Speed is a factor for Demitris to be successful over the upcoming season.  He must increase his quickness and overall speed."  Added Beavis

     Christou has been working on his speed during the off season with personal fitness trainer Tyson Chang of Well Formed Fitness, Inc.  "Ty will be running our off ice segments of training camp this season and knows our summer workout program which could be quite a big challenge for our players in the upcoming weeks." states Beavis.

    Christou, who split last season with the Stampede and his high school program in Skaneateles has hopes of doing the same this season provided that the school is willing to work with the Stampede for Demitris to attend a minimum of one junior practice per week during the high school season.  The staff believes that the experience and knowledge that Demitris recieves from the Stampede will help him long term as well as the ability to help his school in the short term from the higher level of play associated with juniors.

    2015-2016 could be a defining year for the youngster from Skaneateles but to move forward he will need to leave his comfort zone both on and off the ice and push his body past his limits as well as put his trust into the Stampede staff. "Demitris sees the ice well and is very coachable, now we will see if he has what it takes to become a player." Stated Stampede assistant coach Cory Myers.